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Confectionary Display Case Black Laminate / Brushed Chrome Trim

Confectionary Display Case Black Laminate / Brushed Chrome Trim


Presentation is a major part of selling any food product. If it looks good, a message is sent to the brain that the customer must have it. You can take advantage of that fact by using our confectionery display cabinets at Alternative Air & Store Fixtures. Our cases enhance the rich luster, delicate aroma, and visual appeal that will make your goods desirable to connoisseurs and everyday shoppers alike.  



Availability: Yes

Vendor: N/A

Product type: Confectionary Display case


Weight: 0.0 kg

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    • Climate Controlled Display Case (63° to 68°) Starting at $3,959 (3' Display Case)
    • Dry Display Case (Ambient) Starting at $2,857 (3' Display Case)
    • Climate Controlled Display Cases (Models AACCA, AACCC) Come in 3', 4', 5', 6', and 8' lengths (AACCD Models 3', 4', 5', 6'.) Custom lengths for models AACCA and AACCC are available upon request. 

    • Self-contained refrigeration system (no floor drain required)
    • Digital temperature control and humidity control
    • Climate controlled storage compartment
    • White laminate interior
    • LED lighting (top light & one shelf light)
    • Mirrored interior ends
    • Transparent mirrored rear sliding doors (removable)
    • Independent light switch with a 2amp receptacle
    • Three (3) adjustable 1/4 inch glass shelves
    • Over fifteen hundred (1500) exterior laminate choices
    • One (1) year parts and labor warranty
    • Four (4) year extended compressor warranty (parts only, no labor)

    Standard delivery in 3-5 business days

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